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Come and Visit My World
The World of a Paradigm Scrambler

I think it is great to contemplate on the ancient beliefs of an
older people while always remembering that it is still simply
just man sharing the results of his own said contemplations.
It is basic logic that one can reach the similarity when following
the path that leads to the similarity and certainly most quickly
when another offers up the map and model. Quickest way to achieve
a desired result is to model one who has become that achievement.
I believe this is one of the highest factors in the human's
continual need to search out what I refer to as the official
most accurate version of a so called truth. A Spiritual Truth
can be broken down to a mere matter of opinion when approached
from a diverse point. When we remove the human need to be under-
stood by others we remove the importance of language, titles, and
definition, for it can root us evermore bound and limited to that
of the mundane.

For myself life is one with continual out-stretching and expanding
in model of our Most Principal Goal (God) of Self-Achievement. In a
format of duality, Pleasure and Pain are our greatest motivators
and when in conjunction with the Me-Gal-Gal (or the Most Precious
and Perfect Principles of Divine Value and Order bringing fulfill-
ment and cornucopia simultaneously to the Spirit Head as well as
the mundane collective) we will become One with the Triumvirate of
the Most Living Continuum. I believe that all humans are created
equal in potential in that we all hold within ourselves the Seed of
the Throne which I call the Crown of Affectiveness (yes I know
that's not an official Real word to others but it remains potent
for it is of the Great Inflection).

The Most Living Continuum is My Personal Title defining the Total
of all that Which Is and That Which Is Not. It is based on the
principle of the Principal Force and Form. Force being the Purposeful
Drive to Become That of the Decided and Form being the Restrictive
Element, the Singularity or Entropy. I break it down to the
Activeness and the Stillness.

At the Head of this Activeness stands the Most High Triumvirate
which break down to:

1 Chthhulhu I AM
I AM the one who will create the happenings in my life

2 Habsu I WILL
I WILL choose mine own path.
I WILL through my choice of key decisions and commitments.

3 Amah-Ushumgal-Anna I CREATE
I CREATE for I am such an incredible dreamer.
I CREATE for my imagination is my workshop.
I CREATE for I design the type of life and destiny I will to become.

These are a bit of my concepts assembled from my years of
contemplating and meditating on what others concepts would
mean to me and by the impact I have experience from them.
I hope that you will at least find amusement in them for
they both amuse myself as well as set me in motion on the
path of unstoppability.

One Question:

Is not the Human need of mundane certainty his own stumble?

Most High Triumvirate of the Living Continuum