These are not songs, but Trey's leads which he has chosen
to be available for everyone to hear without any other
instruments. These were taken off of the 'Formulas...' master
DAT tape from Morrisound Studios.

Click on the Chewerfish icons to start downloading the .MP3
file. To see the 'Lava Syntax' info on the leads, click
on the text links beside each icon. If you don't understand
what the .SYS pages are saying, then you're experiencing
a SYNTAX ERROR. Please e-mail the 80' Golem of Ostx if
this is you.

If the MP3 files do not start to download properly for you
then you may need to hold down the SHIFT key while clicking
on the links. Another reported problem is that the file
extension may be changed to .MP2 when the select download
location window is displayed. Change that to .MP3 please.
If you have any trouble, e-mail Ancient1.
We will get back you you as soon as we can!
Heaving Earth Lava.SYS
Prayer Of Hatred Lava.SYS
Prayer Of Hatred Lava2.SYS
Bil Ur-Sag Lava.SYS
Nothing Is Not Lava.SYS
Chambers Of Dis Lava.SYS
Umulamahri Lava.SYS
Umulamahri Lava3.SYS
Covenant Of Death Lava2.SYS
Invocation Of The Continual One Lava.SYS
Invocation Of The Continual One Lava2.SYS
Where The Slime Live Lava.SYS