Dear Questioner1,

I think it is very useful to do whatever it takes to reach a most powerful
state (emotional) so as to attack your goals through this peak, unstoppable
state. For me it is all about that our personal power is measured by our
belief in our abilities. For doubt bars the way. Our belief compliments our
driving force and our ability to achieve. It is not important that a belief be
100% accurate, but it is most important that our beliefs be useful. This is
where magic steps in to the picture for I believe we most certainly hold the
ability to create ourselves as well as our world in a microcosmal format
simply by controlling the way events impact upon us as well as our lives.
This formula is simple to understand. It is all about how we run our mind
as in how we allow events to be represented to ourselves. Easy to
understand but takes great strength to set in motion and yet once conditioned
in ourselves it is automatic and quite useful. Simply make it a new habit
using the ritual for creating a habit. 30 days of continual conscious application
with strong emotional content coupled with the removal of doubt should just
about do it. Tony talks about this in detail in his books.

Now I told you a little about influencing our Macrocosmal destiny, so we
won't go there now.

Ok, yes the human shell is of a failing design when we remove the Spirit and
that is the whole of what FFF is all about. How through spirit we hold the
SEED of the THRONE of PERFECTION. So when you make an error,
understand that the flesh makes the error and to truly be infallible, well, you
must shed the layers of coarseness held within the flesh. But never kill thyself
for what a waste that would be. You see, I believe we all hold this link with
perfection in our Spirit and Perfection comes when the Spirit Speaks but most
humans words are so disdainful. (CHAMBERS OF DIS) Words spawned by
the cultureless beings, disclaimed by the once attentive Gods. Well, I think
you get the picture.

Ok, what is next?

Oh yeah. Humility is very important and it is up to us as individuals to decide
when to apply Humility and when to apply Unstoppability. You see it takes
great effort to be a Gas Giant (he he). Really now, it takes great mastership
to be a master. Look at it like this. We build our world. The more involved or
complicated the design, the more specific types of tools we need. These tools
are our techniques, knowledge, skills, etc. Now we need the design or plans
(goals) that specifically show the decided upon result plus all the tools needed
to create this outcome plus we need to understand which tool to use for our-
selves, then advancement. But, nothing overshadows the importance of our
WHY or PURPOSE for even taking the time out of our already so perfect life.
he he. Have Passionate Goals! Which bring us back to the beginning. The
THESE MUNDANE PARTICULARS. I will leave this at that for now, but I will
be glad to share more on this subject if you ask. PLEASE BUY AND

Loving Embrace from the 80' Golem of Ostx

Studyer1 wrote:

>Mr 80' Golem of Ostx,
>I don't know if anyone got in touch with you about this, but a friend
>of mine told me that it was cleared to interview you about an upcoming
>project I am doing here at Penn State University. The project is a
>presentation on the influence of The Necronomicon on certain bands.
>I chose Morbid Angel because of the high level of references to the
>Necronomicon and the overall personality of the band (you seem to be
>cool guys). Without further introduction these are the questions that
>I would appreciate your responses to:

Thanx alot Studyer1 for writing, I am not one so clear about the
official facts behind the Necronomicon, but I will help you in any way
I can. Please note that the following are my beliefs, only.

>1. Has the Necronomicon had an important influence on your life, and
>if so, how?

Yes. The paperback version, the one so many people refer to as mostly an
H.P. Lovecraft enhanced work based on the Sumerian-Babylonian myths,
has inspired me greatly. I first got the book in around 1983 or so and
it made great impact upon me. Mostly drawn to the parts about the Ancient
Ones, I assimilated the work and acted upon it. The assimilation was due
to deep contemplative meditation in which caused a great part of what I
call the Great Inflection. At that time I was still somewhat hindered by
the dissempowering belief structures conditioned in by my childhood
environment (christian family). As you probably know, a conditioned
belief is as real to an individual as anything in meaning it causes
certain automatic responses and feelings. Well, as the master of
unstoppability mastership "Tony Robbins" says, it is not important that
a belief structure be 100% accurate but it is most of principal importance
that a belief be useful. When one has identified a dissempowering belief,
one must dismiss it as to replace it with an empowering belief which
promotes UNSTOPPABILITY. Not to waste further time on the tech end of
this, other than saying that a dissempowering belief is of the likeness
of a dilapidated building and we must tear down this and clear out the
rubble in so that the new may rise of sound foundation. Anyways, the
Necronomicon was one of my most PRINCIPAL WRECKING BALLS.
Other than that, the for-mentioned book is a beautiful Daath Expansion
Tool. CREATIVITY STIMULATOR! I hope this answer is helpful.

>2. In your opinion, how many copies of the original manuscript of the
>Necronomicon exist today? Do you believe that the Vatican is in
>possession of a copy as it has been rumored?

Sorry, I do not know.

>3. Have you ever personally successfully completed a spell from
>within the Necronomicon? If, yes, What was it?

A spell, perhaps not. Did I get results? absolutely, unstoppable results
from the incantation "I Am The God Of Gods".

>4. When do you feel that Chthulu will be awoken and what will happen
>when he is?

Hmmm, This Chthulu is already very AFFECTIVE in the form of the
Continuum of entropy, singularity, degeneration, restrictiveness,
gravity, chaos and all things of resistance. This Chthulu is associated
to the Principal Form in the duality format of FORCE and FORM. It is
the Continuum energy that devours all things not protected by decided
purposeful driving enforced design. Furthermore, this restrictive
element holds pure potential, but is only potential since in itself
it can not perform an order based action by the standard of the mundane
collective, (our reasoning and science). This Form must be assembled
into a decided design with Affectiveness and Purpose. The Form is just
the Material Parts used by the Diving Force to create, and the Driving
Force must also be Continual in which to Maintain the decided upon
design for the Form has the Continual Need to become the Singularity.

>5. Is there a link between the Necronomicon and Satanism?

By whose standard? The christians would certainly believe so. I find
that there are similarities, and then how do you define Satanism?

>6. Why do you use the name "Azagthoth," is it just for band
>purposes, or does it have some kind of influential meaning to you?

I have assimilated Azagthoth. Azagthoth was described in the book as
the "blind idiot god of chaos" and with this again I ask "by whose
standard? That of the mundane collective? To be outstanding one must
stand out. One man's chaos is another man's genius.

>7. What do you think of the people that say the Necronomicon is not
>real, but merely a figment of H.P. Lovecraft's imagination?

Define real please. What is real and what is falseness when
interpreting SPIRIT? I will share my answer. If one grounds one's
work into physical manifestation then one's formula is affective and
therefore true.

>Your response to these questions will be highly helpful and
>appreciated. Thank you for your time.

I am always more than happy to share the results of my meditative
contemplations with others.


The 80' Golem of Ostx

>Hello Mr 80' Golem of Ostx
>I Create Myself As Well As My World, Hah!
>So when you say we should represent things (events) to ourselves in
>a creatively altered way so that it makes the event result as more
>useful in which makes us feel better about it, aren't you just
>saying that we should lie to ourselves? This seems to be of the
>path to falseness. I always believed that we should deal with things
>at face-value or face the official truths of all events and matters.
>In an official truth, there is no gray area, only fact. This idea
>of yours about being able to edit the way an event is represented to
>ourselves so as to find a way to control the impact seems like the
>road to believing illusions. I think that when you are the only one
>on the block thinking or believing something that no one else can
>hold true then you must be wrong. And what good is something if it
>separates yourself from the mainstream anyways? Who wants to be
>alone in his beliefs? The world seems to not like those who are
>as you say, Heretics. What good is life if you don't fit into it?
>You can continue telling yourself lies and continue living in this
>dream world, I prefer being accepted and not being viewed as some
>Peace out,
>"No Falseness Here"

Mr. "No Falseness Here",

Your affirmation must be reading something like, "Wow! I Am Such
An Incredible Follower Of The Mundane Collective!" or the most
famous "It is cool to be fooled". Yes, that reply is from the place
called Severity. Sorry. Don't really mean to be so uncool hul hul.
You see, I take offense to the meagerly thrown association connecting
my "I Create Myself As Well As My World" affirmation to the level
of the question "So is it ok to lie to yourself?"

Now, I guess you actually do not see the silliness in the question(s)
you asked me. Let us play with your question(s) for a minute.

By the way, Elway and Denver displayed UNSTOPPABILITY in Superbowl 32.

Is this TRUE or FALSE?

Is this TRUTH or just a LIE?


Well, we shall now see. Here are some possible answers.

Truth, because Green Bay was unable to stop Denver from winning the
game in which the result, made fact by the officials deeming it so,
and that Denver earned and will hold the SUPERBOWL RING as SUPERBOWL
32 Champions.

Lie, because Denver was stopped on some of their drives, being
unable to score with each possession of the ball.

Truth, because Green Bay were clearly unable to stop Denver from
making the principal plays in the game which resulted in victory.

Lie, because of some penalties, Denver was in fact stopped and moved

Truth, because on the drives that lead to Denver scoring, they were
not stopped by Green Bay.

Lie, because unstoppability means making no mistakes and T. Davis
fumbled the ball that one time in which he was stopped.

Truth, because Denver could not be stopped in reaching the higher
(winning) score.

Lie, because Elway was stopped from achieving touchdown passes.

Truth, because Green Bay was unable to stop Denver from making
history by being the first AFC team to break the 13 Superbowl Game
losing streak.

Lie, because if Denver was unstoppable then Green Bay should not have
been able to succeed in scoring at all in the game.

Truth, because Green Bay were unable to stop Denver from receiving
the praise from the commentators about how they are the SUPERBOWL

Lie, because if Denver were so unstoppable then why did they do the
safe kneel down in the last closing seconds of the game to protect
their victory when they should have totally focused an yet another

So "Mr. No Falseness Here", are you seeing what I am doing with this?
Is the glass half empty or is it half full? Please give me a full
report on either:

1. Why this example is worthless and stupid ass.


2. Why this example is meaningful and useful.

or even:

3. Why should I be locked up?

Take care my friend and please understand that by writing this stuff
to you as well as others I am further understanding it myself.

Thanx for your help.

The 80' GOLEM of OSTX

"No Falseness Here" wrote:
>Mr 80' Golem
>Wow, what you said makes alot of sense now. Let's break this down.
>The unstoppablity premise is based on positiveness, looking at the
>glass half full. Correct?
>Your example of the super bowl was bad because neither time
>dominated the other, but I am starting to see your point. Except
>for the denver offensive line which opened huge holes for td.
>The game could have been won by either team. But denver showed
>more heart? than green bay.
>Even green bay can look at the glass half full and say we would
>have won if we did this or that, etc. But they didn't execute
>when they had to and that's why they lost and denver is the
>Can you give a different example?
>Am I totally off? Tell me what's up.
>Mr. "No Falseness Here"

Hello Mr. "No Falseness Here",

Hey man, the things you said before you commented on my superbowl
example is right on. You are right there with it. I feel there is
always room in things for us as individuals to add our own flavoring,
like seasoning to make the thing more tasteful to ourselves. It is
like our personal choice to use a particular salad dressing to make
our salad taste a certain way and no other way, and even with all
these choices the result is still a salad. Unless of course we
choose to dump out the salad and fill our bowl with Captain Crunch.

This example may have nothing to do with lying to one's self, but
I feel it shows how we can bump up the fun-factor (pleasure-factor)
in our working towards being phenomenal in life based on our (yours
for you, mine for me) own definition and/or standard for what it
takes to be phenomenal.

Have I told you yet that we can set up our own rules that by which
tell us if we are winning or losing in our game of our life? Well
we can. Check it out.

I talked a little about beliefs before and now let me add this.

Please welcome, Tony Robbins....

Your beliefs and values work together to determine how you feel.
Beliefs are generalizations and rules that you have made up for
yourself, or assimilated other's, that determine what has to happen
in order for you to experience a certain result in your life. A
belief is also a feeling of certainty about the meaning of something.
Your beliefs determine whether or not you feel like you've succeeded
and are meeting your values. It's not important that a belief....
(Already was there. -Gol) Whether you believe something is true or
not you're right. Your beliefs are the flood gates that open up your
power and possibility. (Man, Tony is God. -Gol) Limiting beliefs
shut you down and immediately chain you to limitation. (this is still
Tony talking here. -Gol) Your beliefs determine which questions you
are willing to ask yourself and which habitual questions you have.

The Two Types Of Beliefs

1) Global beliefs- giant generalizations you've either made up or
accepted from others about life, people, and things. Global beliefs
are languaged in the form of : Am, Are, Is

I am, People are, Success is


I AM THE LIVING ACTIVE GOD (my example of course)
People are puppets.
Success is mine.

2) Rules- If______, Then______.

If this then that.

If I enhance the truth, then I live a lie. (Blaaahh! -Gol)
If I ground results into physical manifestation, then the formula
which brought about said results is also grounded. (Ground and
grounded means solid and real. -Gol)

(Tony again:)

Make certain that your beliefs and rules empower you and help push
you towards being successful and feeling fulfillment along the way.
Life is not a destination. Life is a process that should be
thoroughly enjoyed each day. Don't have rules that make it too
difficult to win the game of life.

If you feel too comfortable you will lose your motivation, but as
long as you believe that you must continue to grow to be happy
(fulfilled) and as long as you keep setting your sights on new
goals and you enjoy the process you will have some REAL power in
your life.

Now Tony would like to explain to you how to take complete control
of your life in assembling UNSTOPPABLE CORE BELIEF SYSTEMS.

Steps to change limiting beliefs (into beliefs of unstoppability):

1. Identify the limiting belief that you want to change.
(G.I.Joe states that Knowing is half the battle! -Gol)

2. Link enough pain to your present limiting belief so that your
brain will want to move away from it.

3. Create or identify a new empowering belief. (belief of

4. Link ultimate pleasure to the new belief.

5. Condition in the new (unstoppable) belief by rehearsing over and
over how your life will be better with this new belief, how useful
it will be in your life, and how painful and limiting it would be
to keep the old belief.

Well all except the obvious Trey-bonic sentences and ( )'s are
Tony's words. I just felt it was time to check out some of his lava.
And what words could I use now to follow his lead. Just this, notice
that all the stuff I have told you is based on his lava and I totally
believe in it all to be sound TRUTH as well as UNSTOPPABLE and of
the highest FUN-FACTOR when compared to any and all things offered
from the mundane collective. And most of all, I find it very much
useful as a part of my game plan.

What do you think about that happy crappy?

The 80' Golem of Ostx

Hi "Opened-Mind1",

Yes, you are on the path now and don't expect others to always
understand and support you in assembling yourself in this type
of way. In a world of what I call the mundane collective, you stand
as a Heretic (a Paradigm Shifter) among a majority of people
following shadows and shells. In this, you will find yourself alone
in some of your concepts and beliefs and notice how some familiar
faces may view you different as well as the difference you will now
view in them.

The idea and question, "Will this decision result in usefulness?",
should always be considered in all situations and opportunities,
remembering that you will justify or simply decide (choose) when
and how you will apply this idea/tool. Also, try to make all
experiences "class 1", as Tony says. See that the result grounds
itself as being complementive to yourself, the world, as well as
with Karma. Now you will have real momentum in life. You see, you
will decide what is useful for you, and not get bogged down with
the slop of the blockers.

This is really simple, and realize in all the events in which
decisions are needed, you can measure their lava by this tool.
Check out my handbook on creation tools tech:

The 80' Golem's Handbook on Creating Your Own World/Volume 1

All humans are created equal in potential and only made different
through our decisions. What makes us equal is the blessings of
Spirit, True-Will, and our Creative Faculties. These are our
Most Principal Tools and it is up to us to activate them in our
lives. What I am saying is that these tools can be applied in
as many diverse ways as there are people with diverse ideas about
how to use them.

So, which way is right? Well for me the most wonderful thing about
our ability to design and create beliefs and concepts for ourselves
is that the "freedom of design" can be as free as we will it to be,
and like foods, we should feed ourselves that which we can digest
and produce energy (LAVA) from. (Usefulness from)

This simple idea escapes alot of people, certainly those who find
comfort in being chained to the falsifications of the so called
official meaning of things. Official, by what standard? All I can
say is "it sure is cool to be fooled".

For these chains are unseen by the eyes of the mundane, yet they
surely bind one's will and potential. And for those of us who have
decided to break out of our chains and climb out of the concepts
of our society, thinking for ourselves, and refusing to be fooled
by what's represented on the wall of the cave as being official,
cool, fashion, trend etc., we can't expect the others to applaud us
and say "well, that's just wonderful", because they won't. For now
we represent a challenge to overthrow their own feelings of certainty
about what is real and true for them.

Bitter is the wailing of those void of guidance.

Understand that the idea of needing to fit in is one in the same
with needing to be chained to whatever the falsifier (corporate
scraper) wills that we believe. In other words, chained to the
shadows and shells of a society. To the enslaver of a society, a
free thinking individual is the most dangerous enemy. The whole
accepted concept of what is cool or fashion is an enslaving ideal
in itself. It creates the habit, for those who depend on it, of
letting someone else define the meaning of things for you which in
fact allows them to think for you and any expression you project
is stemmed from the forge of their (not yours) will.

This makes such a poor lamb of one Who holds the Seed of the Throne.

But I believe that any True Brother or Sister of the Covenant of
Morbid Angel is already perfectly clear on this hidden treachery
and by fortifying ourselves in the fury of That which destroyed
the gathering of enemy gods, even the insubmissive, we will invoke
our hidden Lord, from Which all that is has come and from Whom
nothing is secret, nor hidden, nor unknown. And together or apart,
we shall lift up and praise this Most High Being with our similar
or diversified Spirit Name(s) for Whom, Whose Sweetest Divine
Ordering Principles alone make it possible for us to become one
in the same with that of the Most High Standing.

The treachery that I before speak of is in itself the true purpose
which spawned the organizations of christianity and other. Control.
How much easier could it be to control those depending on you to
define the meaning of everything for them? This goes way beyond
any threat today from christianity alone. For it is when the head
figures of the religion become impregnated with the seed of the
tyrant such as so said religion becomes dispirited and affiliated
with discord. And knowest that it is not the ones whom practice
christianity personally that I so speak of, for only the smallest
of man would be thus threatened by that which is different from
himself, for this small man must needs growth to become secure
enough to travel his own path without creating obstacles for
which others may stumble. I strongly believe that thoughts are
things and for everything you do it surely shalt reflect itself
back upon you ten fold, so one should project that which is
received most favorable.

So Mr. Open-Mind1, how do you like that Love of Lava? I am really
glad to share my ideas (and Tony's) with you as well as with the

The 80' Golem of Ostx

The 80' Golem's Key to Unstoppability

Unstoppability comes with one's Consistent Application of One's
Driving Force of Affectiveness, which is in Complement with Ourselves,
Our World, as well as with Karma, Fortified with Empowering Rules and
Core Belief Systems, Towards One's Passionately Decided Upon Design
coupled with Acute Awareness and followed up with a Maintenance
Continuum which Rivals the Continuum of Restrictiveness.

>Dear Mr 80' Golem of Ostx
>I am the mother of a 17 year old son who loves your music, shirts
>and web site, etc. I don't know anything about your group or what
>message you are sending to listeners or followers, but I do hope
>you don't encourage suicide as a way out of problems. My son is in
>recovery after drug abuse, depression, ADDH, and a few suicide
>attempts. He is on the road to recovery since seeing the right doc
>and the right combination of meds. Todays youth need to be
>encouraged to do good with their lives and not destroy them. I
>worry that my son spends time listening to the words of your music
>and gets more depressed or thinks that life is not worth living.
>I hope you encourage my son to be up, not down. Life is hard
>enough these days and we all need good news, not bleak news. I
>am catholic so the message I get is that you are a Satanic group.
>Please reply to me. I can't change what my son listens to but I
>would like to know what your message is, and can only pray my son
>finds hope in a bleak world full of drug abusers, and all that goes
>with that way of life. He is a junior in high school and I would
>like to see him graduate and make a good life for himself.
>Thanks for replying.

Hello "Mom"
Well I think you will be quite pleased to find that my message is
basically one in the same with Tony Robbins "Personal Power,
Unlimited Power, Awaken the Giant Within", as well as "Notes From A
Friend". You must know about this success master. We share the
insight of the Ideals....

I am the one who will create the happenings in my life.
I will through my choice of key decisions and commitments.
I create for I am such an incredible dreamer.
I create for my imagination is my workshop.
I create for I design the type of life and destiny I will to become.

It is all about the understanding that quality living is achieved
through movement and action. Acting on Passionately Decided Positive

Success comes with One's Consistent Application of One's Driving
Force of Affectiveness, which is in Complement with Ourselves, Our
World, as well as with Karma, Fortified with Empowering Rules and
Core Belief Systems, Towards One's Passionately Decided Upon Design
(Positive Goals) coupled with Acute Awareness and Followed Up with
a Maintenance Continuum which Rivals (Keeps in check) the Continuum
of Restrictiveness (Degeneration).

Please check out Tony Robbins to see more about this Wondrous Ideal.

Some of my Core Beliefs are:

All humans are equal in potential and it is only through our
decisions that we are made different.
What makes us Equal in potential is our MOST HIGH FACULTIES.
The Faculties of Spirit, True-Will, and Our Creative Imagination.

True-Will is different than just one's will.
Acting upon One's True-Will is when the results of said action
grounds in complement with the Greater Good of all things.
Ourselves, Our World, and Karma. When we act in this way we bring
upon ourselves the Cornucopia of Blessings and Good Fortune.
To act in a way which results as a hindrance to Ourselves, Our
World, as well as Karma we simply have bad luck and can never truly
find fulfillment in our lives.

I talk about how our core beliefs, which are simply our feelings of
certainty, are the flood gates which control our potential. Our
beliefs can either enhance and support our potential or they can
shackle us to limitation.

I agree with Tony that it is not important that our beliefs be 100%
in alignment with the beliefs of others but it is most important
that our beliefs be useful and like with foods we should approach
feeding ourselves with the purpose of nutrition. We should feed
ourselves that which we can digest, produce energy from, and
ultimately cause ourselves to grow. Without constant growth in some
way we can not truly hold fulfillment. Life is movement, growth,
expansion, a journey. Life is Activeness. Stillness and idleness
is not about True Living. We must Create our life by arranging our
Values, Rules and Core Beliefs so that we can win in the game of
life and experience this winning. If we do not use our own power
and mind then we certainly will just be one of the material parts
which would make up the structure of someone else's plan and we
may not like their plan.

In the forge of our will we manifest ourselves, empowering our
world. Yet the fables of a failed faith show the effects of spiritual

This simple idea escapes alot of people, certainly those who find
comfort in being chained to the falsifications of the so called
official meaning of things. Official, by what standard? All I can
say is "it sure is cool to be fooled". For these chains are unseen
by the eyes of the mundane, yet they surely bind one's will and
potential. And for those of us who have decided to break out of
our chains and climb out of the concepts of our society, thinking
for ourselves, and refusing to be fooled by what's represented
on the wall of the cave as being official, cool, fashion, trend
etc., we can't expect the others to applaud us and say "well,
that's just wonderful", because they won't. For now we represent
a challenge to overthrow their own feelings of certainty about
what is real and true for them.

Bitter is the wailing of those void of guidance.

Understand that the idea of needing to fit in is one in the same
with needing to be chained to whatever the falsifier (corporate
scraper) wills that we believe. In other words, chained to the
shadows and shells of a society. To the enslaver of a society, a
free thinking individual is the most dangerous enemy. The whole
accepted concept of what is cool or fashion is an enslaving ideal
in itself. It creates the habit, for those who depend on it, of
letting someone else define the meaning of things for you which
in fact allows them to think for you and any expression you
project is stemmed from the forge of their (not yours) will.

This makes such a poor lamb of one Who holds the Seed of the

Well, I hope this which I have written will allow you to understand
my message. Feel free to ask anymore questions and if you do not
think this which I speak is useful for you child then explain to
him the negativity that you may see and please tell me too. I
always love to discuss with others about these Most Precious and
Perfect Divine Ordering Principles and I eagerly await someone of
the Most High Understanding to come and shake them.

Thanx for your caring, today it is so few and far between.
I share the elements to turn the idea of life being so hard with
all the work and activity it takes today to be successful into that
of the Highest Funfactor. Doing the Right Thing must be associated
as this.

People in sports work really hard at what the do and they face
challenges in each game, and what carries them through the
performance of all this hard work is that they love playing the
game. Their passion for what they do carries them through all the
fundamentals of practice and simply the force they must apply to be
great at their sport (job). With our creative ability we can apply
this same idea in our daily lives, even in the company of so many
others who just can not seem to see it in this way. If you look
around you notice how many people work meaningless jobs which they
find no passion for and so they are bored and justify their boring
life because they see so many others in the same situation. Hmmm...

Well, I never suggest to go against any law which establishes order
in our country for these man made and agreed upon laws are in
complement with Karma. But as for our own Rules by which we meet
our Values as well as our Beliefs which give us certainty, I strongly
believe that we should question the Affectiveness of these ourselves,
( of course I agree that the parents have total control in what they
want their children to believe, and I will never rival that).

I believe that humans are only similar at best in their likes and
dislikes and to believe otherwise is foolishness.

Example Mary loves the color red and states that red is the best
color but Sally dislikes red strongly and prefers blue as her
favorite and states that blue is the best color. What we have here
is that Mary loves and is energized by the color red and Sally
stands in difference because she loves and is energized by a totally
different color being the color of blue. So who is right? Yes it is
so simple but this simple idea escapes alot of people daily. They
are both simultaneously right and wrong depending on the view point
of the one questioned. Well that is not so useful, too much gray-area.
I say that when Mary wears the color that is best for her, being that
she gains energy (Joy), then she is absolutely right since there is no
harm done to others through this action of wearing red other than that
Sally may simply turn away. And this holds for Sally wearing blue.
These differences are so petty of course, but there is a message
that is very useful here which can be applied most effectively when
we create ourselves and choose our friends as well as ultimately
create our world.

While holding the Most Principal Value of Ultimate Love of Lava most
high in considering what type of actions we will perform, we need to
separate ultimate right and wrong from these trivial differences
because I believe that we are one in the same in Spirit but the flesh
can be oh so coarse.

Love of Lava from the 80' Golem of Ostx

Hail to the Opened Mind One,

Great to hear that you got the Book of Unstoppable Unstoppability
Mastery Mastership. I am sure you will enjoy the process of
learning from the Master himself. :) Tony is not a wimpy conformed
guy at all. He is Most Brilliant!!!

With the things that you learn from him, don't expect other people
to understand right off. Some will commonly say that it is stupid or
that you are stupid to bother with it.

Besides trying to explain it to those types, let them witness as you
transform a little each day and let them be the ones asking how you
are doing it. You see, then is when they would be more open to listen
besides distracting you and themselves from seeing it's True Power.

Do you Understand? You see, some people don't like it when someone
else starts to change as for improving because it causes them to
question their own place (Standards, Drive, Achievement Comfort Zone).

You see, with those chained to always taking it easy and being
motivated mostly by how easy something is, or just fitting in, you
will present a threat to their own feelings of certainty about
their present behavioral patterns.

Take this book of knowledge and look at the ideas (concepts) as some
new Tools that you can/will play with and apply daily to achieve
Continual Class 1 Experiences as you Create Your Life to Be as You
Would Dream and Believe. As you go after the things that you are
Passionate for. (Passionately Decided Goals). Class 1 Experiences
are good for you, good for others, and serve the Greater Good (Karma).

Be careful with who you share this book with. Some people may tease
you about it. Let them witness as you manifest your True-Will. They
will notice and some may freak about it. Those who do not support
you with your Expansion are not your friends. And you will start
moving in a different (Unstoppable) direction and meet new most
stimulating friends. The people who would make fun of you are shackled
to the shadows and shells of Truth. They also hold the potential
but the chains dull their minds. I call them Blockers based on
their behavior patterns. Don't let them block you from your Dreams.

Best of Fortune.
The 80' Golem of Ostx

>Dear Mr 80' Golem of Ostx.
>Please, if it is of your will, enlighten me by answering
>a couple of my questions about your Ideals.
>I thank you in advance.
>"Needs To Know"

>1)Is there a label to your beliefs?

Just call it the Art of Unstoppability.

>2)What does the term "God" mean to you

One's Most High Principal Goal of Self-Achievement.
Notice Goal= G o a l = Go a l = Goa l = Goal = God.

>3)What is the difference between the Qabalah and the

(Now please look at Tree Art on Main Page. Are you looking at

The Triumvirate is similar to the Top Triad, "Kether,
Chokmah, and Binah" of the Tree of Life. The Tree is a
symbol used in the Qabalistic Practice as a sort of Great Map
showing our connection with the God-Head as well as the
Model of the many different Manifestations of the God-Head
through the process of Creation. In some ways the Tree also
shows the Duality of Force and Form.

Well, the Most High Triumvirate represents the Projective and
Driving Purpose of Fire. The Driving Decided Action. The
Activeness of the Living Continuum which is the Macrocosm of
ourselves. It is the Principal Force that Affects and Causes

Outside of the AIN is the Un-Manifest, the Purest Form, Nothing
but Potential and the Material Parts it would take to reach it,
plus the Continuum of Stillness or Resistance (Entropy). The
Three Veils "Ain, Ain Soph, Ain Soph Aur" separate the Un-Manifest
or Form from the Manifestations happening inside. As a Lightning
Flash, Creation Moves as Force from the Divine Spark of Perfection
"Kether" down through the Tree resulting as Layers of Manifestation
(Spheres or Sephiroth) on a Path that causes It's Grounding as
Physical Manifestation, "Malkuth". Well anyways, This is how my
concept on it is based.

Basically, the Tree is a Model for Deep Contemplative Meditations
on our connection with the Most High.

>4)Spiritually, what comes of death?

Our True Purpose in life is that of Expansion. Expansion of our
being. Expansion in Model of the Divine Spark of Purpose. In our
life we build momentum with this expansion and we pass on (through
death) with only the momentum of what we have built through our life.
When we pass, we only take with us who we have become through the
process of our life.

We must Expand with more Energy in our Force or Drive than the
Restrictive Energy of the Form. Life is growth, change and movement.
Death is idleness, stillness, and degeneration. Think about it as

The Form represents Pure Potential at rest plus the will to remain
at rest and of Singularity. It is both the Materials to Form a
Decided Acted Upon Design, coupled with the Need to break free
from the Order of the Design to return to the Singularity.

The Force, Our Purpose to be, is that which challenges the
Degeneration like how gravity plus weight presents us with the
resistance that we need to gain strength, or just maintain the
strength that we have. Life is the flowing river, flowing against
us as a Continuum of Resistance. If you sit still in the boat
then the river takes you backwards to the Singularity, (Your
Grave). And if you equal it's Energy with your Energy you at best
maintain only what you have at that time and soon become
unfulfilled and bored. But when you push with Unstoppable Energy
in which you simultaneously Maintain what you have plus also
Expand more, you will now be on the Path and moving towards
fulfillment of the Principal Purpose.

So what we have is the Form which is Pure Potential which can
only result as, but can never initiate anything other than the Drive
to the Singularity, as well as Our Driving Force and Purpose to
Create by challenge and causing the Material Parts to submit to
our True-Will and then we still must Maintain the Design in which
we have Decided upon. Check out this formula in which I share

The 80' Golem's Key to Unstoppability

Unstoppability comes with One's Consistent Application of One's
Driving Force of Affectiveness, which is in Complement with Ourselves,
Our World, as well as with Karma (Class 1 Experience), Fortified
with Empowering Rules and Core Belief Systems, Towards One's
Passionately Decided Upon Design coupled with Acute Awareness and
followed up with a Maintenance Continuum which Rivals the Continuum
of Restrictiveness.

It is like when we assemble something in a particular order, like a
house of wood, we initiate the action to assemble the materials in
an order and once we finish guess what? We must-Needs maintain this
order because if not kept in check the "house" will naturally
degenerate. Even if the house is made of Steel, it will return to
the Singularity at some time because it is the need of the Form to
do so.

>5)If you are a living act of god, do you see yourself as a god?

No, for that would be of the Principles of Folly.
Since God=One's Principal Goal Of Self-Achievement then does not
one's God stand for the Most Perfect Path and since life is a journey
and not a destination then, since we are to be constantly moving
anyways, we may as well head in the direction of or Principal
Dreams. Right? What is life without this most high funfactor content.

>6)In your opinion, what are the greatest attributes that this
>philosophy would have to offer any society, that, some would say is
>full of bogus "morals" or "values"

Sheeit, If all humans could experience the feeling of TRUE-
FULFILLMENT for just a moment, they would prioritize the method for
keeping it constant. But, alot of humans are motivated by how easy
something is and to act upon my Formula for Unstoppability starts
as a lot of work for those people who clutch their comfort-zone of
conditioned limiting paradigms and whose meager beings are too dulled
by all the falsifications that chain them to the shadows and shells
that enslave them. Living the Affirmation of the Most High is living
in uncharted territories for them who clutch the mundane collective

>7)Are there rules and regulations as in other spiritual philosophies

I do not make the rules and my aim is not to collect followers such as
a church in love with the numbers as they flock for guidance. I
willingly and freely share my understanding with all interested and
no value is more high than the Cornucopia of Blessings which I
naturally receive.

>8)Define magic

Turning Thought or Dream Energy into Physical Manifestation through
your True-Will. Acting as the Lightning Flash.

>9)In some of your literature, you have written, "the way of the
True-Will is perfection.. what is the true will, and who decides?

Acting upon one's True-Will always results as a class 1 experience.
One that complements ourselves, our world, as well as with Karma.
We each as individuals must find this True-Will for ourselves, and
start with your own True Reasoning and follow up with Deep
Contemplative Meditation on the question at hand. Ask the God-Head
Affective Questions and truly expect answers and you will receive
them in time. Be persistent coupled with patience.

>10)What does the Great Incantation of the Living Continuum achieve?

It achieves the momentum of Spirit. It achieves perfect motion. It
is the Words that Cause us to be simultaneously surrounded with all
that which is Empowerment and lines up our Hierarchy of Moving
Towards Values as well as Banishes all that which is Limitation
and Dissempowerment as it lines up our Moving Away From Values.
Like I said before, our Purpose is movement. Moving towards the
Values that represent Pleasure and at the same time moving away
from the Values that represent to us Pain.

Well, "Needs To Know",
I hope you will find these answers useful=Love of Lava Load
Umberhulk High. Always a Pleasure to share my deal with those
interested. Thanx for asking.

The 80' Lava Golem of Ostx

>Many hails to you, 80' Golem
>I stumbled upon the Morbid Angel website by happenstance (or....)
>tonight and found that it was updated and had alot of your
>thoughts and philosophies (and Tony's) and found it to be
>extremely inspirational. I had no idea that you had such strong
>of a belief system behind your music until I read the Metal Maniacs
>interview, and now the website expounds on this. Excellent.
>To the point. Lately, I have been going through tough times. I am
>learning alot of hard lessons in life that I believe people twice
>my age will never understand. I have always thought of the "mundane
>collective" as a waste of time. Ever since I can remember, I had
>disdain for others because they were involved in all these useless
>things that had no bearing on their spirits (a negative one, if
>so). I knew that it was of no import to my well being to be
>understood by my peers, but it still hurt inside. I kept telling
>myself I was a worthless piece of shit. Eventually, I became one.
>Recently I have been battling drug addiction. I got into a shitload
>of trouble w/law enforcement and was sent to an inpatient treatment
>center as a result. I learned a few things about myself there. I
>realized that I am an addict, and that it is not a bad thing
>One important lesson I've learned lately is that the ultimate
>challenge of life is to turn seemingly negative things in one's
>life into positive ones. We do this by confronting the challenge,
>overcoming it, and ultimately growing as an individual and coming
>one step closer to the perfection we as humans strive for. I think
>that my life will vastly improve just from this discovery alone.
>In the immortal words of G.I. Joe, "Knowing is half the battle."
>I thought that getting busted by pigs and going to treatment was
>extremely shitty at the time, but in hindsight, if that wouldn't
>have happened, I wouldn't have learned that valuable lesson. So
>this has made me believe that we set the standards for our own lives
>and how things affect our lives. We can CHOOSE how we react to
>When I was using, I never would have thought of this. I always
>thought I was cursed, I had bad luck or bad karma. God was punishing
>me (I don't even believe in God!). But I realize now that I was
>running from everything and as a result, my problems grew. I refused
>to take responsibility for what I was doing. I had such a negative
>state of mind. "I think, therefore I AM." So true. I thought I was
>a loser. I was. I had a fucking needle sticking out of my arm and I
>blamed all my problems on everyone else. I couldn't see the good in
>things, only the bad.
>My whole point is that we think along the same lines. You have alot
>to offer to everyone, including myself. I was wondering what you're
>stance is on addiction/alcoholism and such other impurities of the
>flesh are. It is sad because alot of gifted people are addicts,
>(Hendrix) and even though they seem to be ontop of the world, they
>are still enslaved by "mundane" or fleshly pleasures such as drugs.
>I definitely view drug addiction as a weakness, we should not have
>to rely on meth or cocaine to bring us joy, only our achievements
>and our continuing ascension to purity.
>I am grateful that I came across this website and read all of your
>insights into life, you have a very strong LAVA content. If I hadn't
>went to treatment, I would not have come across it. The first thing I
>did when I got out -- Bought Morbid Angel's "Covenant".
>Thanx for helping me to improve my life and see many hidden truths.
>Forever steeped on goat's blood,
>The Traveler

Greetings Traveler,

Thanx alot for writing and also for your wonderful words about
my Ideals. Well, it seems to me that you Assemble yourself in a
Most High Way for the most part. The Idea of deleting the God-
Head from your Assembly is one in the same with deleting our
Most Principal Purpose. Not meaning to repeat myself too much
but...... God=One's Most Principal Goal of Self Achievement.

You see, for me, life is a continual event of outstretching and
expansion in the form of a continual journey. Life is a journey and
not a destination. Our God represents our direction we will to head
and it should take us on the Path that leads to what we would define
as Perfection. You define for you and I define for me. The Triumvirate
of the Most Living Continuum represents perfection for me.

I believe that all humans are created equal in potential and only made
different through our decisions. Our Decisions are based on alot of
things which would make up our Assembly.

1) Our Hierarchy of Moving Towards and Moving Away From Values:

When looking at the biggest picture, we find that Pain and Pleasure
are our real motivators. Our Ends Values, not Means Values. Our
Need to avoid Pain and our Desire to gain Pleasure. These twin forces
are what ultimately causes our decisions. We, as individuals, Must-
Needs to know how our Hierarchy of Values are arranged. Sometimes we
can find that we have been conditioned to adhere to someone else's
arrangement and that certain arrange may not serve us. I always say
to the mundane collective to please keep your limitations to yourselves.
Anyways, this goes the same for One's Concepts, Beliefs, Rules (by
which to reach one's values), Paradigms, etc. To truly learn about
this tech for Creating One's Self as well as One's World read the
book "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins. It is all there.

2) Concepts and Belief Structures:

Well, I have written so much Lava about this wonderful TECH. Don't
want to repeat what I wrote before since you have already read that.
We are already Assembled in result of our current belief structures.
Either you accept or are conditioned by other's belief structures or
you create them yourself and in creating them yourself they can still
be based on other's beliefs that you find nourishment from. You don't
always need to re-invent the wheel. Alot of my Ideals are based on
others Ideals. I just contemplate on these Ideals and Test them out
to see how useful They would be as part of my Great Assembly. I never
accept anything ithout testing it first. Even when I assimilate
someone's belief or concept, I still decide for myself which keeps me
empowered. There is nothing wrong in leading yourself by following
someone else. It is like choosing a Coach or Teacher to lead you
to the Understanding. My Principal Teachers are the Most High
Triumvirate. Through Deep Contemplative Meditation I Become The
Understanding. When we Truly Meditate we combine the Fire and the
Water. We stun our present reasoning capability so as to not allow
it to hinder us in evaluating that which is beyond our present
reasoning capability.

When we approach the Master with our cup filled with water how can
the Master pour out for us His Wine?

Meditation is when we connect our microcosmal spirit with the
Macrocosmal Spirit. This is when we upgrade the capability of our

The above is nothing more than my Concepts/Beliefs and they ground
themselves daily with the Result of Physical Manifestation. There
can be no question for what creature could hold such foolishness.
These Concepts need not the approval of those of the mundane
collective for how can those who are shackled to falseness see Truth?
Which again, the above is nothing more than my Concepts which hold as
Truth in me.

Rules, Standards, Paradigms

Well, as Tony said, rules are formulated as...

If This..... Then That.

"If I never make a mistake then I am perfect."

"If I am Unstoppable then I can never be stopped."

It is my opinion that the above examples are not too useful as to be
one's rules. I would prefer the following modifications....

"If I strive for perfection, even though it is not a thing achieved,
then I will most certainly bring forth my best."

"If I minimize my down times and lift myself up quickly to get back
in the game, then I am Unstoppable."

But also notice that all this is from one point of reference, you
see, the above rule.... "If I am Unstoppable then I can never be
stopped" can still very much hold total usefulness when you define
Unstoppability as...

"Unstoppability is not that you never make a mistake or fall, it
is that when you do fall you keep the down time at a minimal then
lift yourself up and quickly re-group and then Get right back in
the game."

Of course that example is yet another concept. The purpose for all
this babbling is to share with you the importance of knowing the
Structure of your Assembly, and to make sure that every little aspect
of it Empowers you and supports you on your journey to your Principal

To learn more, please read Tony Robbins' books.

Now to get back to your questions. I think that when one uses a
vehicle (Heavy Drugs, etc.) to distract one from the chance to grow,
then one is his own enslaver. We need our problems and challenges for
they are the resistance we need for as to push against so as we can
expand. Growth is our Most High Purpose. Without resistance then we
would gain nothing from exercise, and yet in the absence of gravity
the devouring element of entropy remains as the Continuum Force that
Erodes all things. It is the Continuum Opportunity for Growth. To
find True and Lasting Fulfillment We Must-Needs to role-model the
Divine Spark of Purpose and Expand with Greater Energy in our Force
than that of the Restrictive Energy of the Form and maketh this Most
High Act of a Design that Will Result simultaneously as Pleasurable
for Us as well as ultimately Positive for Us, Positive for Others,
and Most Complementive with the Principal Positive Energy. This Result
is what Tony refers to as a Class 1 Experience and is the Path of
Lasting Fulfillment in Life.

One last thing, maybe you are searching in the wrong direction.
Maybe your God-Head is showing you all these signs, but you ignore them.
No matter how hard one tries, one will never find a sun-set looking
East. So what I am saying is to change your approach. Look in different
directions for your friends and soul-mates (Spiritual Gathering Place).
Dissatisfaction is a Gem. Only when one is dissatisfied will he become
motivated for change. Get clear on what is your Passions in life and go
get them. Align Your Path with the Path of Karma and enjoy the
Cornucopia that is to come. With Our Consistent Thoughts We Format
Ourselves. Those Who Rely On Pain As Their Motivator Must Enjoy Being
Pushed Around. Those Who Rely On Pleasure As Their Motivator Enjoy The
Life Of The Dragon.

Your Lava Pal,
The 80' Golem of Ostx

>Hail 80' Golem of Ostx
>Thanx alot for all your advice/lava, I appreciate it and it gives me
>reinforcement that maybe I am not insane. You see, I'm only 17 years of
>age, and I feel that I am older beyond my years. Many of my "peers"
>don't seem to understand where I come from and what I want to do in
>life. I am an aspiring musician/songwriter (I play the guitar) and I
>have been wanting to form a band for quite some time now, but I live in
>a rural area and not too many people here listen to death metal or
>anything of that sort. So I end up sitting in my room w/ a drum machine
>and my guitar and compose. I also do a death metal fanzine and really
>haven't done much w/ it in the past few months because of my drug usage
>(same w/ the guitar). I lost all motivation to do anything and it really
>fucked my life up fast, I couldn't even smoke bud because it made me
>lazy and unmotivated. All I could do was light another.
>So I have been enlightened in the fact that drugs fail to bring me long
>term pleasure, only short-term. My musical abilities however will give
>me pleasure in both the short and long run. I hope to move from this
>shithole (Mundane Place) and start a band, eventually construct my own
>recording studio and produce, do the fanzine, play shows, record, tour,
>all that shit. That is my ultimate goal in life -- to live, breathe and
>eat music. It is what I love and It keeps me sane. I always used to
>think that I could never do it and I was destined to fail, but some of
>your concepts have taught me otherwise. This is my ultimate challenge
>at this point in my life -- to overcome my own self-doubt and become
>successful. to change my ways of thinking and all my negative, soul-
>staining old habits and to adopt growth of my soul and be positive. I
>have seen many good changes in myself, like higher self-esteem,
>confidence, clean and sober for almost 2 months, positive thinking,
>and great things are happening all around.
>If I had never went to treatment, I probably never would have picked
>up Covenant, never saw your website and read your contemplations, never
>write to you, never would have been enlightened, all this and so much
>more would not have been possible if I hadn't become an addict and got
>as bad as I did.
>So I am grateful that all this happened to me now and things are starting
>to fall back into place. I now believe that my god-head was trying to
>get through to me all these years and now has finally spoke to me through
>my experiences and others around me, such as yourself.
>Your contemplations have helped me out a great deal and I will meditate
>on yours and others beliefs on gods and the human spirit. I believe
>its out there, but I must study other civilizations mythologies and
>religions and meditate on these. I believe that through music we can
>communicate directly to the soul and through playing an instrument such
>as the guitar, our souls can speak through us and help enlighten others.
>That is why I listen to metal rather that mundane shit like Spice Girls.
>It's in my blood and a part of my soul and has an effect on me like
>nothing else. Oh, yeah I got the new album as soon as it was out and I
>must say that I was very impressed w/ both the musical genius and the
>lyrical aspects as well. I have listened to this album many times and
>have contemplated it and have found that it is possibly the best Morbid
>Angel yet, and maybe even the best deathmetal record so far, until your
>next one that is. Don't follow the mundane, only your soul. That is the
>sort of album I want to compose once I get to that point.
>But anyway, enough rambling, Thanx for writing and sharing more of
>your contemplations w/ me, I will certainly try to enlighten others with
>your words of intelligence. I was wondering what you were like when you
>were my age -- did the world seem insane to you then? When was the first
>time you were enlightened and found your path? When did you start
>playing guitar? Was it hard for you to be a "heretic" when you were a
>teen? I guess I would just like to know if you were anything like me. I
>believe it was my destiny to communicate w/ someone such as yourself,
>and for me to become one of the few metal geniuses and to change the
>world of deathmetal forever. I think that's what I 'm here to do and when
>I used heavy drugs I was denying my ultimate fate. You have helped me to
>realize this, when it comes from a probation officer or a counselor, I
>don't listen but when it comes from someone I admire, it hits home.
>I will read the Necronomicon to start my quest for spiritual
>enlightenment. Keep fuckin it up at the guitar! NO FUCKING
>Forever steeped on goat's blood,
>Enlightened Traveler

Hail Enlightened Traveler,

Hey, I am really glad that I was able to share some things with you.
You seem really empowered to me.

Yes, I was considered a freak by the masses when I was a teen.
As a child, I was not much different than others because other kids
were also very imaginative and created their own world, and trends
or clicks were not such a priority at that time for them, but as we
all moved towards being teens is when I saw most of these imaginative
kids turn into shadows and shells. What I mean is that their Values
and Importances changed and they were now all about trying to be
"cool" and fit in to groups and all. I did not move away from my
"child's imagination" and things still needed to make since to me
rather than just accepting whatever to fit in to some group, click.
For me at that time "16-21+" I really felt so out of place when
I went somewhere to hang out with others. I do believe that in our
human "mundane" instinct, there is this need to belong to a group or
tribe or gathering,ect; of people. The need for fellowship with others.

This drive is what leads to our times of questioning ourselves and
if we might really be wrong and that these others be right. Questioning
if we really are "Freaks" or stupid, etc.

We are not the only ones who have experienced this. Intelligent
people need to understand things and get nothing from the mere
accepting of things. Alot of people in this world never activate their
drive or faculty for understanding. There is no value for them to
question what others hold as Truth. In other words, they don't care
much about moving into uncharted territories with their evaluations.
They like to base their evaluations on what the masses hold as Truth.
This is totally stemmed from their values.

My friend, alot of people are motivated by how EASY something is.
It is so easy to follow the masses. These people use their brain for
memorizing information so as to know what to do or say so that they
are cool and accepted. They don't care about what things really mean
other than if it assembles them into being cool.

These fools chase after shadows and shells and have nothing going on
under the surface. "It is Cool to be Fooled."

Well anyway, as a teen I felt like everyone had this Book of Cool but
me. I did not use the same syntax as them and there wasn't much to say
to them beyond small talk. I value DEEP TALK, and most just thought I
was stupid which really makes me laugh now but at that time I was
devastated because of my need to belong. Well shit, I was young then
and I didn't know what I know now. Now I understand that they should
feel stupid but then ignorance was their shield plus they had the
pseudo-certainty of numbers or the masses supporting their

We all have places and people out there that we will naturally flow
with. We just need to find them and then I believe they will meet us
half way because they are also looking for us. To know if people or
places are right for us, time and acute awareness are our tools to
measure their lava by.

Of course we don't want them to feel as though we are testing them,
just let things flow and be aware of where it is leading to. I find
now that the whole deal with going out just to hang out is of the
purpose to distract those from the reality that their lives are
really insignificant. The God-Head is always communicating with us
though our thoughts and emotions. When we feel down, there usually
is an important thing we are failing to do, or we are just heading on
the wrong path. A path not so right for us.

Even our diet, eating the wrong foods, improper food combining, too
high of a sugar intake, can bring us down. When we screw up our blood
sugar we really screw up how we feel. It is very useful to learn the
Truth about how our bodies need to be fed. Check out the book "Fit for
Life" on diet. Also, if you only buy one book, please buy either
"Awaken the Giant Within" or "Unlimited Power" by Anthony Robbins. If
you like what I am talking about then you will really like his lava.
I only scratch the surface in these letters. I mean that I do go into
some depth but I don't write you as much stuff as what is in his books.
And for real, if you have the opportunity to buy his Personal Power2
Cd or Tape set then get it. I bought all his books and both Personal
Power 1 and 2 plus Powertalk. Check out his website of Unstoppability,
HE IS THE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, back to your questions.
My enlightenment started when I withdrew from the mundane collective.
What I mean is that I realized that this collective was not useful for me.
Those humans were of no substance, they were meager little shadows
clutching that which destroys their potential, embracing that which
hinders them. They are the stupid, boring ones and the Triumvirate
exposes their folly. They are the victims of their own impotent

Tony Robbins says that if one serves not of the Most High Purpose then
they are outta here. See Ya!

Truth is the Weapon, no pity It Holds!

As for guitar, I started late, when I was about 17. I am 32 now.

Well, thanx for the POWER TALK my friend.
Love is Lava.

The 80' Lava Golem of Ostx

More letters from the 80' Golem of Ostx will be posted soon, so be
sure to check back!