Latest News As Of: May.27.1999

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Morbid Angel vocalist and bassist Steve Tucker will make his cinematic vocal debut later this year as a contributor to the score of filmmaker Matthew Barney's newest work, CREMASTER 2. Tucker recorded his vocal parts in New York City during a break in Morbid Angel's recently concluded 'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh' 1999 World Tour. . .

To read the rest of this report head on over to the press releases page.


Latest News As Of: May.10.1999

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Dynamo Appearance Cancelled/New Interview

A couple of small updates here:

It has been confirmed that Morbid Angel are not playing the Dynamo Festival this year as planned -- to those who are attending and were planning on catching the Morbid Ones, sorry for the inconvenience. It's just not possible for the band to perform at Dynamo this year.

The second bit of news is that we have a link to a new interview with Trey, courtesy of W3M3 mag. You can find the interview at their site.


Latest News As Of: April.16.1999

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Live Photos From Holland

Our friend Harry Maat has yet again taken some great live photos of the band during the Tilburg show in Holland on the 5th of this month. You can view these photos from Harry's web site (LINK TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE -- sorry! Will be up ASAP).


Latest News As Of: February.24.1999
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Pete In Sabian Ad

Some of you may have seen Pete in some of the "bigger" music magazines in an ad for Sabian cymbals. For anyone who hasn't seen it, we've got the ad scanned and posted, along with the official press release right here. Congratulations, Pete!

Morbid Angel To Play Dynamo

As seen on the Tour Dates page, Morbid Angel has been confirmed to be playing the Dynamo Festival on May 22nd, 1999, in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

'Formulas...' Re-issue

Earache's website has announced that the 'Formulas Fatal To The Flesh' re-issue (which will come with a bonus 'Love Of Lava' CD) will be released on March 22nd, 1999. The bonus disc will surely appeal to all you guitar fanatics that are inspired by Trey's playing.

Hate Eternal Signed

In related news, Morbid Angel touring/live second guitarist Erik Rutan has gotten his Hate Eternal project signed to Earache's 'Wicked World' sub-label. For more on this story, check out the News page on Earache's web site at

Latest News As Of: January.3.1999
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Philadelphia Pictures Now Up

Happy New Year everyone. To celebrate the new year, we've released some photos taken by NUZRUB at the December 15th show in Philadelphia, PA. The majority of the new pictures are located off the Miscellaneous page of the Photo Archive but can be found throughout the entire archive. Unfortunately, most of the shots that were taken that night were unusable due to use of an unprofessional camera, but oh well. Included in this batch of pictures are the festive Morbid Xmas stockings hung by the drum kit with care. See if you can find them!

Latest News As Of: December.24.1998
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General News Update

Morbid Angel has just come off their month-long second U.S. tour in support of Formulas, and it's been great. We will be posting some photos from the Philadelphia, PA show that was on Dec. 15th soon, so keep an eye out.

We've also added a few new links to the Related Links/Lava Links page, go and check them out!

To the huge number of you who have submitted your information to be added to the Most High Gathering page, we'll be adding all of you within this coming week.

We'll have more updates for you soon once a few things are worked out. Have a great holiday season, and take care!

Latest News As Of: November.16.1998
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Morbid Angel In-Store Dates

Coinciding with MORBID ANGEL's winter gigs, the band will be appearing at several In-stores you should DEFINITELY check out:

DECEMBER 8, 1998
Subterranean Music & Street Wear
41 North Main Street
Wallingford, CT 06492

DECEMBER 12, 1998
Lethal CD's
112 E. 7th Street
New York, NY 10003

DECEMBER 15, 1998
Rock & Roll Plus
613 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

DECEMBER 20, 1998
Reckless Records
1532 North Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60622

Along with the following new dates, Morbid Angel are also planning on a second European trek in early 1999, another southern US and west coast run in the spring, and various points around the globe thereafter.

12/4 Tampa, FL @ Masquerade
12/5 Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade
12/6 Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
12/7 New London, CT @ El 'n Gee
12/8 New Haven, CT @ Toad's Place
12/9 Portland, ME @ The Asylum
12/10 Providence, RI @ The Met Cafe
12/11 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
12/12 New York, NY @ Coney Island High
12/13 Rochester, NY @ Penny Arcade
12/14 Albany, NY @ Valentine's
12/15 Philadelphia, PA @ Trocadero
12/16 Cleveland, OH @ Peabody's
12/17 Indianapolis, IN @ Emerson Theatre
12/18 Minneapolis, MN @ Ground Zero
12/19 Clinton, IA @ Pig Pen
12/20 Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues
12/21 Nashville, TN @ 8th Day
12/22 Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero

Latest News As Of: September.07.1998
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More Summer '98 tour photos added

Thanx to John Thomas, a fellow Morbid Angel fan from back home in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada for the newest additions to the 'U.S. Summer Tour 98' page (the July 14th show). You can access that page from the main Photo Archive page. Thanx also to the one and only Bongboy for scanning the goods.

Latest News As Of: August.18.1998
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Everything is back up and running, including both page counters and all of the images except for one or two stray ones.

Merchandise Order Page Now Available

We have finally got everything ready on the Merchandise page. It can be accessed from the menu on the left. There will be more items added in the future. At this time, merchandise is only available to residents of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. See the Merchandise page for more information.

Morbid Angel Featured On Dutch Radio This Weekend

Thanx to Harry Maat for notifying us of a radio event going on this Saturday, August 22nd, from 23.00 - 24.00 hours on Radio 3 FM in Holland. The show is called 'Bad Grrl', and the feature is titled 'Guitar Player or Guru? A documentary about one of the founders of death metal, Morbid Angel guitarist Trey Azagthoth'. Here is a translation of the press release for the event that was sent along:

"Dangerous, evil, and aggressive. That's how the average parent describes the Death Metal music their kids are listening to. But what happens when you look beyond the first looks and impressions? What are the consequences when you throw all "your rules" overboard and, without prejudice, take a spiritual trip with one of the founders of death metal: Morbid Angel's guitar player, Trey Azagthoth?

A hot bus, a not-too-fresh toilet, about 10 sweaty men, no showers and hardly any sleep. Why on earth would you spend 3 nights and 4 days travelling through California, U.S.A. in the company of a band called Morbid Angel?

The answer from "Bad Grrl" Mirella Simoncini is undeniable: "Fascination and a big middle-finger that I raise towards society with it's intolerant attitude towards the unknown!"

Trey Azagthoth is not the chaotic death metal guitar player that most people think he is. Through his "mad" geniality, he developed his own religion. "One man's chaos is another man's genius" according to Azagthoth in one of his last interviews before Simoncini decided to hook up with the band in the U.S.A.

With the unfortunate end of her radio show in sight, Simoncini throws all thinkable rules overboard and documents her search between good and evil for the last time as THE Bad Grrl from Radio 3."

If you live in Holland or are in the broadcasting area of Radio 3 FM, be sure to check that out!

Latest News As Of: August.17.1998
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We apologize for any inconveniences that you may have experienced over the last few days while we switched servers. All e-mail addresses are back up and running, and some have been added/changed, so please check out the E-mail Directory page. And now, on with the news:

Lava Links

If you have any Morbid Angel related links that you want to submit for posting on the Lava Report page, e-mail them to Ancient1. Morbid Angel concert review (foreign language, has some cool pics)
Unchain The Underground interview with Trey
Album reviews by a Morbid Angel fan
Daily Arts July 11th show review/article by Adlin Rosli
NEW -- The Morbid Angel FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page

AOL Morbid Angel Message Board

For all you AOL users out there: Jon from Earache U.S. informed us that AOL's Music Messaging Center has recently created a Morbid Angel section. Keyword is: MMC. From there, just follow the logical links into the metal section.

Hellspawn Compilation CD

Some of you have heard about Earache's "techno meets metal" compilation CD called 'Hellspawn - Extreme Metal meets Extreme Techno'. It is set to be released this fall, and features two Morbid Angel songs re-mixed. The first is 'Day Of Suffering' and the second is 'Abominations', both from the 'Blessed Are The Sick' album.

Second U.S. Tour Announced

Dieter from World Entertainment sent word that Morbid Angel will be heading back out on the road in late October for the second run of the U.S. Cities in Florida, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Illinois, Tennessee, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Minnesota have been targeted so far. The second run will go from late October through November. Any details that may change will be posted on the web site both on the News/Lava Report page and the Tour Dates page.

Modifications/Additions to the Site

-added the Verdana font to the downloads (used on the Lava Report page)
-added a link off the menu to the Morbid Angel FAQ
-changed the images on the Photo Archive page so load time is quicker
-added photos to the U.S. Summer Tour 98 page

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