Morbid Angel Frequently Asked Questions
Morbid Angel FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Last revision: August 16th, 1998

1. Is there any Morbid Angel guitar tablature available?

There have been a few songs transcribed by fans, but from what
I've seen, they are neither accurate nor complete. There have
been transcriptions of "God Of Emptiness" (Guitar School,
September 1994 issue) and "Where The Slime Live" (Guitar School,
April 1996 issue).

2. How come there are no sample clips of Morbid Angel songs
available on the web site?

Ever since I got the Official Morbid Angel Web Site underway,
I had been trying to get permission to post a few clips of
songs. To this day, the band's management has not allowed
me to do that. Why, I am not exactly too sure.

3. Is there an online message board where fans can post their
thoughts on the band?

Yes. iMusic's Morbid Angel message board can be found at There
is also the UseNet newsgroup alt.rock-n-roll.metal.death
that occasionally sees postings regarding Morbid Angel.

4. I have seen the videos for 'Rapture' and 'God Of Emptiness'
on MTV, and I have heard that there are other videos as well.
Is there somewhere I can order the videos from?

The video for 'Rapture' was released on Earache's EARPLUGGED:
The Videos (European only video compilation) Catalog code MOSH50V.
The video for 'God Of Emptiness' was released on Earache's
RAREACHE (Euro. only video compilation) Catalog code MOSH100V.
The only way you would be able to obtain any of the other videos
(Immortal Rites, Blessed Are The Sick, Where The Slime Live)
would be to do it via tape trading. Post wanted messages on
the Internet, send wanted ads into music magazines that offer
classifieds, or even try posting ads in local music stores near
you, it might get someone's attention in that area who has the
videos you are looking for.