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Land O' Lakes, FL
34639 U.S.A.

Due to technical problems, the messages and questions
regarding the COD have not been replied to but this has
been taken care of and replies will be made promptly.

*Please note that your e-mail to the Covenant Of Death
may not be answered right away. There is currently an
overload of mail that Angela is dealing with, and she
would like you to know that she will get back to you as
soon as she can. Aside from e-mail, there is also a lot
of snail mail that comes in, and those must be taken care
of also.

If you are interested in joining the Morbid Angel Covenant Of
Death fan club, all the information you need is below. Please
do not e-mail us asking how to join, that's why we have the info
here. Thank you VERY much!*

Latest Covenant Of Death news:

The new C.O.D. newsletter is going to be mailed out this month (February).
A lot of information needed to be confirmed before it was possible
to finish it, so we sincerely apologize for the delay. All members will
be recieving a signed photo of Trey, so we hope this makes up for the
long wait since the last newsletter.


Covenant Of Death info:

The Covenant Of Death is Morbid Angel's official fan club. It is run
by Trey Azagthoth's wife Angela, and Technological Terror's Steve.

Newsletters are distributed to C.O.D. members almost quarterly, which
feature the latest news, interviews with the band members, access to
Morbid Angel merchandise, tour listings, rare photos and more.


To join the Covenant Of Death, please write to the address at the
top of this page. Include your name and address (and e-mail address
if you have one we can keep on file), and most importantly, your one-time
joining fee of $10 US funds ($12 Rest of the World). Payment must be
made by well-hidden U.S. dollars, or by U.S. money order payable to:


Do NOT make money orders payable to the Covenant Of Death. If you do,
we cannot cash it and it will be sent back to you.

Your initial package includes the latest newsletter, an 8x10" promo
photo of the band signed by all of the members, and whatever other
freebies happen to be around at the time. Know that your joining fee
is used to keep the Covenant Of Death going, and no one is making a
profit from this! All merchandise sales are also used for the Covenant
Of Death operations, AS WELL as the Morbid Angel web site.

If you have any questions regarding the Covenant Of Death, you can
e-mail Angela at cod@morbidangel.com