Legendary. Innovative.Vital. Eternal. Words that are meaningless
without the structured weight of action behind them. From their inception
over a decade ago, Morbid Angel have truly embodied those words, both
in spiritual and earthly manifestations, becoming death metal ground-
breakers in the process.

With the recording of their fifth studio album, Formulas Fatal To The Flesh,
Morbid Angel have forged a testament to their conviction, once again proving
that their power is generated solely from within and unable to be swayed by
outside influence or opposing ideology. In the noble process of giving the
highest of praise to the Ancient Ones and celebrating the Triumvirate of the
Living Continuum (the ultimate purpose behind this creation), Morbid Angel
have made an album that reaches heights and depths previously unfathomed
within the death metalworld. As with any genre of music, the cream will
always rise to the top. With the demise of so many bands bound and defined
solely by imitation, Morbid Angel, the true innovators, remain alone, on top.

The world at-large was introduced to the furious intensity of Morbid Angel in
1989 with Earache's release of Altars Of Madness. The album was a revolutionary
and unprecedented statement in extreme metal at the time, its strong song
writing, finely tuned musical firewinds and uncontrollable lyrical rage catching
so many ears that it catapulted to #1 on the UK Independent chart. Their
global debut has gone on to be unequivocally acknowledged as one of the
most influential death metal albums ever recorded, a whirling vortex of searing
anger and unstoppable energy. 1992's Blessed Are The Sick cemented Morbid
Angel's (song writer/guitarist Trey Azagthoth in particular) reputation as truly
innovative composers, infusing prevalent classical undercurrents within their
exceedingly powerful material. Blessed... retained the devastating windstorm
sound that had become their trademark and took it to yet another dimension.
With two acclaimed albums behind them and a maniacal touring schedule, the
band had now become a force that demanded to be recognized even further
outside of the growing death metal community. In 1993, they broke a major
barrier within that community by becoming the first death metal band to be
signed to a major label. Covenant proved to be a milestone, signifying that
a band as uncompromisingly brutal as Morbid Angel could not only release
an album inside of the major label system, but thrive in that world. That was
further proven with their next release. The slime-ridden guitar mastery of 1995's
Dominationwas a statement of what the band had become: an ever-expanding
organic machine, fueled by an unquenchable thirst and driven by an unstoppable

The first two classics, coupled with two major label triumphs that have sold nearly
a half million albums worldwide, and a live album (Entangled In Chaos) which
marked the emergence of Trey Azagthoth as a producer to be reckoned with,
have set the stage for the radiating future of Azagthoth, drummer extrordinaire
and emerging songwriter Pete Sandoval and newly recruited vocalist/bassist
Steve Tucker. As the new album's producer and conceptual mastermind, Azagthoth
describes Formulas Fatal To The Flesh as "a collection of Cutha Hymns that
lift up and give praise to the Most Ancient of Days." A true concept album from
beginning to end, its aim is to lift up and ignite the soul, awakening and
inspiring those bound by the shackles of the falsifiers. The music within Formulas...
will undoubtedly cast it as a milestone of metal extremity. Encompassing all
aspects of the complete Morbid Angel sound, the album is as fast and furious
one minute and as slimy and torturous the next as any of its predecessors. The
sheer strength and diversity of the musical material, along with its strong and
uplifting ideology, is destined to set it leagues apart from any death metal album
in the past.

Ensconced in praise of the Ancient Ones and in celebration of the thunderous
Me- Gal-Gal, the Most High Triumvirate of the Living Continuum (the composite
of all things, positive and negative), Morbid Angel have created a work with a
timeless message."Good and evil, right and wrong- they are inherently interconnected
and a part of everything,"says Azagthoth. The anger contained within Formulas
Fatal To The Flesh, while often seeming all-encompassing if viewed strictly at the
surface, is tightly focused. "They say knowing is half the battle," continues Azagthoth.
"And in this case, it's identifying the problem of man-kind: the treachery, the deception,
the enslavement, the falsifying, the ill-natured intentions... we must know what it is
and drive it away from ourselves and have it push us towards our goals." Coming
just two years from the dawn of a new millennium, Formulas Fatal To The Flesh
is ultimately destined to become the band's most glorious work, something which
death metal music, and more importantly, individuals, will consistently turn towards
for its innovative brutality and inspiring message for as long as music remains.

Morbid Angel have done what they do best by once again re-defining an entire genre
of music and creating the new standard for death metal bands. Formulas Fatal To
The Flesh is nothing less than a musical, lyrical and conceptual masterpiece.