IRC Chat/Fan-based Interview with
Trey Azagthoth - Feb.21.98

Special thanx to 'MrThrope' for keeping order amongst the bunch!

Trey appears as both 'GOLEM' and 'OSTX' in this chat transcript.

GOLEM: Hey everyone!!!

MrThrope: ok..let the shit begin

MrThrope: (Azazael) Ask him how sludge Gene from AngelCorpse is doing
and what he thinks of the new CD from them

GOLEM: Gene's doing great, he came to visit us about 2 weeks ago.
He really loves his new album, and I think it sounds really great too.
He's also a great gamer at twisted metal 2 and we had many matches.

MrThrope: (Hemdale) okay Heres a Question, Being that Erik Rutan is
out, who is the new permanent second guitarist.

GOLEM: Actually we will have Erik touring with us for these tours.
He's still working on his own band, but he said he would be happy to
tour with us on these tours.

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) It seems as if the new album is a whole thing...
songs aren't independant like in the previous one.... what purpose
are you following by producing a one block album ?

GOLEM: Well, this is the first album that I alone held total control
over. Well, i should say the most High Triumvirate, through me, for I
willfully give of myself to be their Instrument. the purpose of this
album is to lift up with praise and celebration through these Cutha
Hymns of the most Ancient of the Days.

MrThrope: (storang) How long did the recording of FFF take?

GOLEM: About a month worth's of time

GOLEM: I recorded all of my solos in the Temple of Ostx under the
strict supervision of the 80' Golem of Ostx, our overseer, and drill
sergeant of lava

MrThrope: (Gamemaste) ask why richard brunelle left ( again )?

GOLEM: Basically he was having some problems with this new material
and we didn't feel totally confident with him being that these tours
are of the utmost principal importance

MrThrope: (Soultrap) Can you give us info what bands will do the
support of the European tour yet?

GOLEM: Soultrap, all I know is that for sure Vader will be one of the

MrThrope: (Wolf0) ask if Trey thinks to make a tablature book with
your best songs

GOLEM: Wolf0, yes I have been thinking about it, it is just a matter
of time, I have been very busy with other band things such as helping
out with the production of our new website which you all should visit.
You can hear my leads on the love of lava page

MrThrope: (Azazael) Is AngelCorpse a possible band for the US tour?

GOLEM: Azazael, Ummm, I've been working on that and it's pretty much up
to management and booking agents.

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) the line-up changed a lot, featuring the depart
of david and eric.... why did eric leave ? I fear it may leave a blank
(even if you already lived that).... and narrow your possibilites no?

GOLEM: Erik will be touring with us on these tours, he's currently
working on his own projects. He'll have some demos for sale on tour.
As far as Morbid Angel, I feel that after we finish these main tours
coming up and when Erik gets more going with his band that I will look
for another guitar player to do touring in the future. I plan on
doing all the guitar parts on the albums myself. How many of you guys
have heard our new album?

MrThrope: (Hemdale) Do you Feel that the new material, being written
entirely by you, is more a representative of what Morbid Angel should
sound like now that David is out, and Erik didnt have any part in the
writing process?

GOLEM: I am the Principal Creative Force in this band, I had developed
the style back in the early 80's and since I was able to do this album
myself as far as the writing I feel it will show the true Morbid Angel
sound and feel, which is of the spirit of the most Ancient of Days.

MrThrope: (Gamemaste) has Trey's world view changed during his time
with ma?

GOLEM: My views, or concepts, are constantly expanding based on all
new experiences.

MrThrope: (Azazael) I know of another band that you have thought about
having on the US tour,what is the name, I know of this but don't want
to give it out?

GOLEM: Infamy!!!!!

MrThrope: (Hemdale) Who (if you've thought this far ahead already) do
you plan on taking out on tour with you? will be some one from

GOLEM: Vader

GOLEM: The lyrics of this new album are the Words of the Alpha Omega
as inflected within me. They are both the sharp edged weapon that
smashes the influence of the enslavers and falsifiers, smashing the
limiting paradigms that they would shackle us to as well as sharing
the tools in which to build the new most empowering foundation for
Unstoppability in our daily lives.

MrThrope: (Soultrap) What (guitar) equipment are u using?

GOLEM: I use Marshall 100 watt tops, with built in effects loops, on
top of basic 4 x 12 marshall cabs. for my basic sound I plug the guitar
into the rat distortion box and then into an equalizer which I keep
flat and only use the level knob which is on 10. As for my guitars I
like guitars that are built out of Mahogany, my Hamer flying V is this
way. And I use PAF pro pick ups and Ibanez edge tremolo bars. This is
what I get to use the basic rythm sound except that I also use the 7
string guitar by Ibanez. Which is tuned to A#

MrThrope: (atroz) Trey : I think it's good occasion to send u best
wishes for your birthday.

GOLEM: My b'day is on March 26th!! Thanx though!

MrThrope: (twitme) ask if he listened to the Vorpal Bunny mp3....

GOLEM: Not yet, But I will twitme...

MrThrope: (storang) Will you make a new video for the new album? MA
videos were always good, btw.

GOLEM: Thanx! We're thinking about it, hopefully in the future we

MrThrope: (Azazael) Does Pete still talk about being a stunt car
driver? Does he ever talk to Antaar Cobra anymore and how is the
guy doing?

GOLEM: Ummm, I don't know anything about any of that except that he
is doing great, and playing like a MONSTER

MrThrope: (Wolf0) When is MA come back to South America?

GOLEM: Hopefully after the States tour. Our manager has been trying
to work something out with the promoters down there but it hasn't
been successful yet.

MrThrope: (twitme) do you have any suggestions for a demo musician
who is simply looking for a smaller deal. what his goals should be,
what to send and where...?

GOLEM: First thing you want to work on is special material and a
sound that compliments it the best. Next you want to work on a
following, because all records labels are interested about is if your
known or not. And even before this make sure you have a catchy name
and a good looking logo because that seems to be important in the intial
stage. First impressions are always of most high importance so make
sure that your first demo truly represents you, sometimes new bands
who make a bad impression first don't get much of a second chance since
labels are constantly receiving tons of demos. ALSO image is somewhat

GOLEM: Now I will talk about my FX

GOLEM: For rack mount effects I use the Eventide ultra harmonizer
H3000S and the quadroverb. These two effects are working brilliant
together for me. I use the effects loop from the heads so that they
sound the best and the order is quadroverb into eventide back to head.
The Eventide is a much superior unit and its stereo imaging is
phenominal so i put it last in the chain. For floor effects I use the
guitar plugging in to a boss flanger, MXR phaser, ibanez analogue
delay, uni vibe chorusing effect, and then the cord goes to the rat
then eq then Y cord then imputs on amp... This order works great for

MrThrope: (Soultrap) what kind of tour is this gonna be? are u
planning to do big halls only, or are there smaller locations included?
will u have the pit seperated from the stage by a securityzone like
most bands do these days?

GOLEM: I don't know what to expect except we will perform as the true

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) for you, god whatever it is, as a creator being
directly in contact with its creation, can really bring something to
them and the people trying to subsitute to him , using others for their
own profit are only enslavers that try to dominate mankind... Does that
mean that for you, any god related to any believings can bring
something, help people improving?

GOLEM: For me, GOD stands for one's most principal goal of self
acheivement. For others may be based on representing that which is of
their most high values. When people go to war, it is a clash of their
gods as that their gods would stand for their most principal values
and/or rules. GOD is as powerful as its believers have the faith or
beleif to empower it. What the God represents is what colors those
who follow it.

MrThrope: (Grg) Trey's favourite guitarists?

GOLEM: Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Marino, Robin Trower,
and the guitarist from Fire Bomber! :) Basically all feeling/visionary

MrThrope: (Hemdale) When is the planned, US portion of the tour? i
missed you guys 4 times!!!! i can see you in either New York, New Jersey
or Pennsy.. will you take a break after the european tour, or go right
into the us one?

GOLEM: I don't know yet! Hopefully at the end of Summer!!!

MrThrope: (Hemdale) Being one of the best death metal (not to mention
METAL) bands.. around.. is it hard.. to follow up a record, with a
better record.. i mean, you kinda have to outdo yourself with creativity
and brutality and origionality..

GOLEM: For me, one of my divine ordering principles is that of CNI,
meaning Constant Neverending Improvement which is a great force to
affect one's growth! Resulting as phenominal fulfillment in life

MrThrope: (Soultrap) what hints could you give a guitar player thats
teaching himself to improve, whether it be the technical aspects or
getting experience in theories like the structure and stylistic parts of

GOLEM: OK, for me it is always good to learn great techniques and format
from others but ultimately the best songwriting comes from letting the
spirit flow through you and through all of the technique that you would
learn. Basically it's all about using one's imagination as much as
possible and not being limited by one's reasoning and rules.

MrThrope: (DiaBoLiCa) I heard that Pete Sandoval, was involved in a
serious accident, is that true, or is it just a rumour?

GOLEM: Diabolica, that was a falsification! They are so easy to
make up, for they need not to be supported by reality.

MrThrope: (storang) Which song by MA are you most proud of?

*** GOLEM is now known as OSTX

OSTX: Ummmm, well that's tough because I never put together or settle on
an inferior song other than maybe having to settle for lyrics such as the
ones David wrote for Domination. But I would say for me, as for a basis
of accomplishment, I feel that songs such as God Of Emptiness and Nothing
is Not, really show something new.

MrThrope: (Azazael) What are your opinions on the Ascension of Magog?

OSTX: Please explain more fully...

MrThrope: (Azazael) Do you ever listen to Shostakovich? instead

OSTX: I don't know what that is...

MrThrope: (Wolf0) In FFF you continue using that 'arabian scales' like
Dawn of the angry, Where the slime live and alot of older songs?

OSTX: I didn't know that that was Arabian, I definitely use a lot of
Lava scales on this new album. Check out our website and look for the
Love of Lava page.

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) Did David's depart had a kind of influence on the
new concept in the new album...could you talk to me about it please?

OSTX: Not really, the only influence is that of Triumvirate! The
Triumvirate of Chthhulhu Habsu Amah-Ushumgal-Anna

MrThrope: (Hemdale) Back in 83 or 84 when you started, did you think
you would still be writing uncomprimising music, and making a living at
it? and looking back have you achieved more or less then what you thought
you would?

OSTX: Hemdale, my goal was to do the best I could with staying true to
my purpose and let the cornucopia of Blessings flow.... For me this new
album is like a brand new start for we are now without any limits and the
spirit flows through us.

MrThrope: (Soultrap) whats your personal attitude about metalshows?
do you belong to the people who get happy by standing and watching or do
you belong to the people who need a pit and some stage to do a good dive
from to have fun?

OSTX: I go to shows with the purpose of lifting up with praise and
celebration the Triumvirate and sharing these spiritual moments with all
who Assemble with us!!!

MrThrope: (RiseUp) Is Steve Tucker's voice and singing similar to
Vincent's or totally different?

OSTX: It is similar as far as it being deep and growling, and yet it
is more underground and brutal than what David was doing lately.

MrThrope: (KittyPorn) ya y did David leave i never heard y (im repressed)
but i heard he joiend the Genitortures or something, i was wondering if
that was true

OSTX: Yes Kitty. It is true.

MrThrope: (atroz) trey: what u think about H.P. Lovecraft?

OSTX: I don't read him but I know he was very creative. I don't use his
descriptions for my "Ancient Ones" that I love so much. He sounded like
a very sad individual and me being of a more unstoppable nature, can't
really relate to such unfulfillment!

MrThrope: (Azazael) Do you ever listen to Dan & Scott the internet radio

OSTX: No, I don't.

MrThrope: (KittyPorn) some of my favorite songs were the ones with
keyboard, i was wondering if u are ever gonna use more keyboards in the
music.. i think its a pwerful instrument that can add alot of dimension
to what extent to u intend to use the synth?

OSTX: Have you heard FFF? There are 3 or so new keyboard musical pieces
on it that you should like.

MrThrope: (storang) Your new website is impressive! Did you have a lot to
do with the contents?

OSTX: Yes! I worked with Ancient1 and NUZRUB in great detail as to how
to put it together as far as ideas , colors, it's expanded pages etc...
Check out the "Letters from the 80' Golem...." page!

MrThrope: (RiseUp) do you think someday youll make smoother music or
a radical change in your compositions like certain bands do?

OSTX: With Morbid Angel we will do things like Morbid Angel does for we
are the Instrument of the Ancient Ones, and their voice flows through us!

MrThrope: (Soultrap) are u thinking about playing some of the bigger
european festivals this summer?

OSTX: I don't know if we'll be there during the summer, we are planning
a show with Judas Priest though... I hope our bus has a Playstation.

MrThrope: (Wolf0) What do you think about bootlegs? Here, many people
are searching bootlegs of 1995 because Entangled only have Domination
song and everybody wants more songs from Domination album.

OSTX: Bootlegs represent ill natured activities, which is all seen by
the all knowing one...

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) You are against domination, domination of people
by other peoples and you seem to keep that opinion toward christianism..
Is this the band's first rule ?

OSTX: Yes, it is of our values' hierarchy, we are the weapon that
smashed the voice of the enslaver breaking up his falsifications that
would steal the humans dreams and bind their potential. I believe all
humans are created equal in potential and only made different through
our desicions. The Triumvirate stands for the humans' 3 most principal
faculties being Spirit, True Will, and Creative Imagination the
Affirmations of the Triumvirate are 1. I am the Living Active God,
2. My True will cannot be denied, 3. I Create myself as well as my

MrThrope: (storang) What were the main influences for the creation of
Morbid Angel?

OSTX: To be the voice of the Ancient Ones, that is the only reason I
do it, and the cornucopia is flowing

MrThrope: (Soultrap) what was the strangest concert u ever did or the
strangest place u ever played in?

OSTX: In Rio Dejanero (sp?) the stage security pulled guns on the fans
to keep them off stage, I didn't think that was very cool.

MrThrope: (KittyPorn) i was just wondering wut (if any) other kind of
music influences you other then classical and death metal

OSTX: All visionary/feeling/paradigm scrambling guitarists such as
Eddie and Jimi

OSTX: Even though they don't play brutal they still play with high

MrThrope: (RiseUp) Your current amps/effects set up?

OSTX: I already answered that one! sorry!

OSTX: Scroll up and you will see the answer!

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) Each time, Morbid angel evolved musically but
this time, are you still following the same way...that thing that
makes Morbid Angel different , the quality of your compositions? or
are you trying to get a new sound like some other bands did to avoid

OSTX: All of our albums sound different as well as displayed difference
in songwriting without straying of of the path. This new album has much
more of a living feel than Covenant and Domination had, and is far more

MrThrope: (Azazael) Trey: tell Gene to call Mark

OSTX: Thanx a lot Azazael, I will see you on tour and we'll have some
Twisted Metal 2 matches!!! I will tell Gene.

MrThrope: (majestic) Did Mike Browning contribute much when he was in
the band?

OSTX: He contributed a little on some of the earlier lyrics.

MrThrope: (Soultrap) Do you mind when people climb up stage at concerts
since they might mess up the tech or do you see that as a part of the

OSTX: I don't mind people getting onstage and having a great time as
long as they don't step on my boxes and things and break my cords!!

MrThrope: (Azazael) Trey: Gene said he kicked your ass, I beg to differ,
is this true?

OSTX: Kicked my ass at what Twisted metal?

MrThrope: (Azazael) Twisted Metal!!!!!!!!!! Yes

OSTX: We had some continuum twisted battles, and it went both ways!
But I will admit that he had advanced techniques over me... But I still
got him a lot as well! ;)

MrThrope: (Lovelorn) I have a question: What do you think of the current
state of blackmetal and how it has affected deathmetal in any perceivable

OSTX: For me black metal is a type of music which highly favors the
members' convictions through the lyrics and a lot of death metal bands
seem to go for more of a shock type thing. We personally like to do both.

MrThrope: (Soultrap) whats your biggest love besides music (and prolly your
wife :) ?

OSTX: My spiritual connection with the Triumvirate, that's the main

MrThrope: (KittyPorn) hey were u aware that u can pir8 playstation games
if u have a cd-r drive? :)

OSTX: No, i don't believe in stealing, it is bad karma, and it will come
back with affect.

MrThrope: (majestic) Was Entangled recording from one show or from a
series of shows?

OSTX: Series of shows..

MrThrope: (RiseUp) Did the decline of metal in the past years affected MA
IN any ways like smaller places to play and less fans coming to the shows?

OSTX: Sure, the economy plays a part in affect but what is most important
is what one does with all situations.

MrThrope: (Lovelorn) I have read that the purpose of Morbid Angel is to
give praise to the Ancient Ones. What led you and the rest of the band to
follow this path?

OSTX: It is my purpose. I have always praised them. Through deep
contemplative meditations I have found their truth.

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) Do you have any side-projects?

OSTX: Yes, but I have been too busy with MA

MrThrope: (Soultrap) how do you think the DM scene will develop? will it
keep suffering at the same level, become even worse or actually become big

OSTX: I feel that all bands who assmble themselves with such affirmations
are "I am such an incredible dream master" will make GLORIOUS impact, but
for those who assemble themselves by such famous affirmations as "Wow!, I
am such an incredible follower of the mundane collective" will cause no

MrThrope: (KittyPorn) have u ever thought of releasing an album by yourself
of just keyboard compositions?

OSTX: Maybe in the future. I am glad you enjoy these instrumentals Kitty!
The new ones on FFF are in my opinion the best!

MrThrope: (Lovelorn) What type of an influece have the Ancient Ones been
upon you?

OSTX: They have totally shaped my whole being they stand for and represent
the path that leads to ultimate brilliant fulfillment in life.

MrThrope: (Soultrap) what about your motivation? have there ever been
times when you really thought about ending the whole thing?

OSTX: I have my personal success coach Tony Robbins who is the master of
all that is unstoppable unstoppability mastership.

MrThrope: (Lovelorn) What is your favorite type of beer?

OSTX: i don't like beer, I drink Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, and Kahlua
Umberhulk shakes!

MrThrope: so beer is for girly men?

OSTX: No, I just don't like the taste of beer and it takes too many
beers to equal a couple shots of bourbon.

MrThrope: (storang) How do you prepare yourself before your recording

OSTX: I prepare myself both mentally, spiritually as well as physically.
Physically is keeping the human shell up to standard. Spiritually is
through meditiation and with these two mentally comes in easily.

MrThrope: (storang) What is a Kahlua Umberhulk shake?

OSTX: Mixing Kahlua, which is a liqeur with megamass 9000 weightgainer
powder and milk. I like chocolate.

MrThrope: (majestic) Who writes most of the lyrics for FFF?

OSTX: I write everything for FFF, it is the Word of the Triumvirate as
inflected into me.

MrThrope: (eViLgiRL`) so do u also like to smoke weed? what are your
most favorite bands? :)

OSTX: Sure I like bubbly bong hits for my leads! Right Thrope?

MrThrope: fuck yeah

MrThrope: (majestic) Back during the Domination tour, Grip Inc.,
Dissection, and At The Gates were some of the bands that opened for
MA. Which one did you enjoy the most?

OSTX: Dissection and At the Gates.

MrThrope: (Soultrap) are u taking the weightgainer for the taste of
it or are u into bodybnuilding or other sports? :)

OSTX: The weight gainer is a cool food supplement and I think it
tastes great! I can't put on any fat and I am not looking to bulk up,
but I do like to feed myself something of a beautiful fuel.

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) errr I'm not sure but are you still produced by
scott burns?

OSTX: Never. Never were. I produced FFF myself

MrThrope: (Lovelorn) What were the first things that you heard that
got you into the metal scene?

OSTX: Metallica Kill em all, early Slayer and early Mercyful Fate.

MrThrope: how long had you been playing the guiatr when u went into
the studio for altars? and did u teach yourself from the beginning?

OSTX: I've been playing since 81, I did teach myself by projecting
myself into the sphere of Daath and dancing Amah-Ushumgal-Anna

MrThrope: (RiseUp) what d you think of metallica

OSTX: I don't listen to them now....

MrThrope: (storang) Do you think MA will get through the alphabet? :)

OSTX: Hahaha, perhaps!

MrThrope: (eViLgiRL`) my friend ron here wants to know if theres a
song on the new album that was written in 1984?

OSTX: Yes, the music for Invocation of the Continual One.

MrThrope: (Lord_Kur) ever planned to write a song featuring members
of other death metal bands ? napalm death, deicide,obituary and
cannibal corpse already did that

OSTX: I doubt it. I wanna write a song with Eddie Van Halen or Frank

MrThrope: (majestic) What do you think of Mercyful Fate these days?

OSTX: I don't know about them these days.

OSTX: OK, thanks a lot for your help at maintaining order, now lets
see how much entropy can manifest!!